The Cubs Are Going To Be Just Fine

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It's possible the Cubs of 2016 are never coming back. They don't have to return for Chicago to have a productive 2017, though. The World Series winning team of last year won 103 games, in large part because they began the season 25-6. Following that, through July 30, the Cubs were just 37-35 — even teams capable of posting an .800 winning percentage for a month can have stretches where they look like a .500 team. That lengthy .500-ish stretch didn't wreck them, though, as a 22-6 August solved that, and September brought them over 100 wins for the first since 1910.

Will the 2017 Cubs have a similar run at any point? They certainly could! After all, the 2016 team had two of them. Stretches like that where a team absolutely obliterates the competition for a month at a time aren't necessary, however. A few weeks into the season, the Cubs are 7-7. Their most significant competition, the Cardinals, are even worse off, at 5-9. The two teams ahead of the Cubs are the rebuilding Reds, who are off to a good start but one likely to be forgotten about, and the Brewers, who could definitely surprise if >Eric Thames remains fantastic

, but are not equipped as well as the Cubs are for success.

Throw in that the Pirates just lost Starling Marte to

>an 80-game PED suspension

, and the only other expected rival for a playoff spot in the division just got a whole lot weaker.

>It's early

. The Cubs are .500. They played .500 ball for months at a time in 2016, however, and still managed to win over 100 games and eventually, a World Series championship. No one knows if Chicago is going to repeat either of those feats this year, but the time to worry about that isn't a little more than halfway through April. They've still got the lineup, they've still got the pitching, and they've still got 148 games left on the schedule.


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