Researchers Say Cecil The Lion's Cubs Are Going To Be Just Fine

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When American dentist Walter Palmer shot a beloved lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe, some activists worried he endangered the lives of Cecil's cubs too. But wildlife researchers say there's no reason to worry. 

According to the >New York Daily News, another lion named Jericho has stepped in to help with the cubs. Jericho isn't a blood relative of Cecil but is part of his "coalition." Along with the three lionesses in Cecil's pride, Jericho has adopted the little ones and is keeping an eye on them. There were erroneous reports that Jericho had been killed, but researchers in Zimbabwe dismissed them. 

"The way lion society works, those cubs would have bonded with Jericho, so those cubs although they might not be Jericho's specifically, he's bonded with them, he's shared kills with them, he knows the lionesses very well," Brent Staplekamp, one of researchers who tracked Cecil, told NBC News. "So he will protect those cubs as though they are his own." 

The remaining members of the pride — including three lionesses and seven cubs — were spotted yesterday in the park, "alive and healthy," researchers say. An African safari group posted video and photos of what they claim are Jericho, the cubs, and lionesses earlier this week. "> Advertisement - Continue Reading Below

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